Since 2007, the EuroTEST Initiative has held biennial conferences on optimal testing and earlier care. 
The conferences bring together civil society, policymakers, health professionals and European public health institutions and provide these stakeholders with the opportunity to learn from each other and to reflect on experiences, achievements and challenges. 
Since 2014, the conference has focused on both Hepatitis and HIV testing, and changed name to HepHIV.
The conference format includes a mix of plenary sessions, expert panel and roundtable discussions and moderated parallel sessions driven by submitted abstracts selected by the Conference Organising Committee based on a thorough review process.

HepHIV 2023 Madrid Conference

HepHIV 2021 Lisbon & Virtual Conference

HepHIV 2019 Bucharest Conference

HepHIV 2017 Malta Conference

HepHIV 2014 Barcelona Conference

Copenhagen Conference 2012

Stockholm Conference 2009

Brussels Conference 2007