PO1/01 Reflex RNA Testing on Hepatitis C Antibody Positive Samples: Is it Being Adopted?

PO1/03 Monitoring HIV Testing Guidance Implementation in Estonia

PO1/04 Core Indicators for Monitoring and Evaluation of Community based Voluntary Counselling and Testing (CBVCT) for HIV in the COBATEST Network, 1st Half 2015 Data

PO1/05 HIV: Are we Testing Appropriately?

PO1/06 Mind the Gap: Exploring Continuum of Care for HIV in Slovenia

PO1/07 Accessibility of HCV Diagnostics and Treatment Services in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA)

PO1/08 Review of Specialty Guidelines on HIV Testing Recommendations for HIV Indicator Conditions in Spain

PO1/12 Has Increased Rollout of DAA Therapy Decreased the Burden of Late Presentation and Advanced Liver Disease in Patients Starting HCV Therapy in Germany?

PO1/13 Availability of HIV Testing in Health Care, Community-based and Home-based Settings in the EU/EEA Member States

PO1/14 Variation in ART-coverage and Virological Suppression among HIV Key Populations

PO1/15 Improving Cascade of Care in Challenging Conditions: Experience from Eastern Siberia

PO1/16 Regional Differences across Europe in Advanced Fibrosis and Cirrhosis among HIV/HCV Co-infected Persons between 2010-2015

PS1/02 HIV Testing in Persons Diagnosed with Hepatitis B and C
Diagnosed HIV Infections in Persons Being Tested for the Hepatitis B Virus: England, 2008-2014

PS1/03 Organizational barriers as an explanation for differences in offer and uptake rates for hepatitis B/C and HIV testing in three drug addiction centres in Copenhagen

PS1/04 Monitoring Anonymous HIV Testing in Estonia in 2005-2015

PS1/05 The COBATEST Network: A Platform to Perform Monitoring and Evaluation of HIV Community-based Testing Practices in Europe