PO2/01 Missed Opportunities for Diagnosing Viral Hepatitis Testing in Europe: a 25-country Analysis

PO2/02 Hepatitis B, C and HIV Testing Uptake in the General, Migrant and Roma Populations in Greece: Results from the Health Examination Survey Hprolipsis

PO2/03 Targeting HIV-stigma within the MSM Community in Italy: Results from a National Survey

PO2/04 Increasing the Impact of Harm Reduction Programs in Response to HIV and HCV Epidemics through Integrated Approach of Testing with Linkage to Care and Treatment

PO2/06 Get Test Project: an Innovative Approach in Attraction of Customers to the Continuum of Services for MSM

PO2/07 Missing Opportunities: Systematic Review on Testing for HCV in Prison Settings

PO2/09 Strategies to Expand Access to Treatment for Hepatitis C and Promote Adherence to HIV Treatment: the Role of Peer Work in a Harm Reduction Centre in Lisbon, Portugal

PO2/10 The “Red Umbrella Athens” Initiative: Presentation of the First Sex Workers’ Drop-In Centre in Athens, Greece

PS2/01 HIV Diagnoses in Migrants from Western, Central and Eastern Europe in the EU/EEA; Emerging Epidemics 

PS2/02 A High Rate of HIV-1 Acquisition Post Immigration among Migrants in Sweden Determined by a CD4+ T-cell Decline Trajectory Model Indicates Missed Opportunities for Testing and Primary Prevention 

PS2/03 Knowledge, and Actual Versus Potential Use of HIV Self-testing and Self-sampling Testing Kits in 8 European Countries

PS2/04 From HIV-testing to Gay Health Centres: A mapping of European “Checkpoints”

PS2/05 Factors Associated with HCV Test Uptake in Heroin Users Entering Substitution Treatment in Greece