PO3/01 Delays in Starting HIV Treatment as Prevention: ART Initiation in the UK

PO3/02 Promoting HIV Testing in Primary Care in East London through a Research Programme is Effective. An MRC Phase IV Implementation Study

PO3/03 Is the Emergency Department (ED) a Suitable Environment to Offer Hepatitis Screening?

PO3/04 Routine HIV Testing in an Inner City Emergency Department- Avoiding Missed Opportunities for Testing

PO3/05 HIV Testing Improvement in Primary Care through Opt-TEST´s Indicator Condition Guided Testing: The Tool-1 and Plan-Do-Study-Act Experience in Catalonia, 2016

PO3/06 One Year after their Commercialization in France, who Use HIV Self-tests?

PO3/07 Population-based Modeling as the First Step in Optimization of HIV Interventions in Ukraine

PO3/08 Psychiatric Symptomatology among Patients with HIV and Hepatitis C - the Experience of a Romanian Clinic

PO3/10 Incidence and Risk Factors for Medical Care Interruption in HIV-Infected Patients

PO3/11 Collaboration with Primary Healthcare Network Significantly Improves Retention in Care and Viral Load Suppression in Ukraine

PS3/01 Assessing the Representativeness of European HIV Cohort Participants as Compared to HIV Surveillance Data

PS3/02 Factors for Delayed Linkage to Care Following HIV Diagnosis in the WHO European Region

PS3/03 Increased HIV Case Detection through Integration of HIV Testing in Georgian Hepatitis C Elimination Program Screening Activities

PS3/04 Monitoring HIV-indicator Condition Based HIV Testing in Estonia

PS3/05 Testing for Blood Borne Viruses in the Emergency Department of a Large London Hospital