PO4/01 Euro HIV EDAT Project (WP9/2): HIV-testing Using Oral Fluid Samples and Online Communication of Test Results (Swab2know)

PO4/02 Community Based Screening Network: Combined HIV, Hepatitis and syphilis testing and monitoring - A Community Led Partnership in Portugal

PO4/03 Monitoring and Evaluation of AHF “Test and Treat” Programme in Lithuania

PO4/04 Euro HIV EDAT Project (WP8): A Qualitative Study to Better Understand the Barriers and Facilitators to Early HIV Testing and Linkage to Care among Migrant Populations in Europe (Belgium, Denmark, France, Spain, Portugal)

PO4/05 COBA-Cohort: Preliminary Results of a Pan-European Cohort of HIV Negative MSM in Community-based Voluntary Counselling and Testing Services

PO4/07 CD4 Point-of-care Testing as Intervention Improving Linkage to Care - Lessons Learned from Poland

PO4/08 Euro HIV EDAT (WP4T1): Development of a Self-evaluation Tool in Order to Improve the Impact of the “A Guide to do it Better in our Community Based Voluntary Counselling and Testing (CBVCTs) Centers”

PO4/09 The COBATEST Network: Opportunities and Challenges of a European Network of Community-based Voluntary Counselling and Testing Services for HIV

PO4/11 A Difference. Specific (and Different) Needs of Clients in Two VCT Centres in Southern Poland (Krakow and Rzeszow)

PO4/12 HIV Community Testing Monitoring in Spain 

PS4/01 Development of a Toolkit for Implementation and Evaluation of Checkpoints for MSM

PS4/02 Barring the Way to Health: How Legal and Regulatory Barriers Hinder Modernising HIV Testing across Europe

PS4/03 BCN Checkpoint: Same-day Confirmation of Reactive HIV Rapid Test with Point Of Care PCR Test Accelerates Linkage to Care and Reduces Anxiety

PS4/04 Impact of Pre-Test Counseling Sessions on Increasing Knowledge About HIV and Hepatitis Among the Beneficiaries of a Free of Charge, Voluntary Counseling and Testing Program (VCT) in Constanta, Romania

PS4/05 Monitoring test uptake and risk behaviour in community based HIV/STI testing sites in Germany, 2015/2016