PO6/01 Point-of-care screening combined with nursing and peer-based outreach work to enhance testing and treatment for hepatitis C among people who use drugs, people who experience homelessness, and migrants: the REACH U Study
C. Merendeiro, R. Lopes, I. Marinho, R. Marinho, J. Grebely, A. Nave

PO6/02 Efficiency of HIV rapid testing and social services for IDU women in Tomsk, Russia
E. Borzunova, A. Chernov, V. Stanilevskiy, N. Mironova, A. Chuykov, A.M. Żakowicz

PO6/03 Hepatitis C cascade of care (CoC) for people who use drugs (PWUD) under opiate substitution treatment (OST) in Greece
O. Anagnostou, K. Micha, K. Kaliva, E. Tsirogianni, E. Petroulaki, I. Detsi, M. Kollitsida, G. Androulakis, M. Gargoulaki, V. Karagounis, A. Katsili, S. Kollia, A. Kotsalis, M. Spirellis, K. Stamatopoulos, V. Stavridou, C. Tanis, P. Tsekoura, Y. Topalidou Stepin, A. Tsantilas, M. Chalkiadakis, A. Drimousi, N. Papadopoulos, A. Theocharis

PO6/04 Decentralized HCV consultation: an HCV micro-elimination project in the community
Á. Ávila, T. Azevedo, M.J. Braz, S. Busi, F. Calinas, R. Costa, T. Mamede, C. Marques, R. Pires, J. Santa Maria

PO6/05 Portugal’s first mobile drug consumption room: client characteristics and linkage to care
H. Taylor, A. Curado, Â. Leite, J. Pires, V. Correia, P. Nunes, J. Caldas, M. Alves, J. Canêdo, D. Gautier

PO6/06 Could the 2010 HIV outbreak in Athens, Greece be prevented? A mathematical modelling study
I. Gountas, G. Nikolopoulos, G. Touloumi, A. Fotiou, K. Souliots

PO6/07 Eliminating hepatitis C on the Balearic Islands by linking patients who use drugs from addiction service centers, a local NGO, a prison and a mobile methadone bus to HCV care
J.V Lazarus, À. Vilella, C.A Picchio, A. Herranz, M. Buti

PO6/08 Effectiveness of an HIV care model integrated into addiction care based on medication-assisted treatment for HIV-positive people who use drugs (PWUD)
J. Valencia, P. Ryan, J. Lazarus, J. Troya, G. Cuevas, I. Cañamares, I. Escobar

PO6/09 Designing a strategy to reengage PWID lost to follow-up in HIV care, the case of the PISCIS Cohort in Spain
J. Palacio-Vieira, J.M. Reyes Urueña, A. Imaz, A. Bruguera, L. Force, A.-J. Orti-Llaveria, J.-M Llibre, I. Vilaró, F. Homar Borràs, V. Falcó, M. Riera, P. Domingo, E. de Lazzari, I. Chivite, E. Letang, J.-M Miró, J. Casabona

PO6/10 Impact of opiate substitution treatment (OST) on hepatitis and HIV high risk behaviors
M. Vasileiou, O. Anagnostou, I. Elefsiniotis