PO4/01 Changes in the Epidemiology of Hepatitis C Virus Co-infection in Recent Years in the PISCIS HIV Cohort, 1998-2012

PO4/02 Prevalence, Risk Factors and Genotype Distribution of HCV Infection among Patients Living with HIV in North-easten Poland

PO4/03 Sexual Orientation and High Risk Behaviors Are Not Associated with Being Lost-to-Care after HIV Diagnosis: Data from Test and Keep in Care (TAK) Project

PO4/04 Incidence of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) in a Multicenter Cohort of HIV-Positive Patients in Spain 2004-2011: Increasing Rates of HCV Diagnosis but Not of HCV Seroconversions

PO4/05 Treatment Outcome of HART-treated Patients in a Resource-limited Setting: The Belgrade Cohort Study

PO4/06 NGO-based Voluntary Counseling and Rapid Testing (VCRT) Improves Access to Testing and Linkage to Care by Key Populations in Kyrgyzstan

PO4/07 Treatment and Care in Resource Limitted Setings vs. High Income Settings

PO4/08 HIV Testing in an Acute Assessment Unit Is Feasible and Cost-effective

PO4/09 Vulnerability assessment of people living with HIV (PLHIV) in Lithuania

PO4/10 Gender Aspects of Situation with Diagnostics of Hepatitis among People Living with HIV in Pavlodar Region, Kazakhstan

PO4/11 HIV cascade of care in Luhansk region of Ukraine

PO4/12 Factor associated with HIV viral suppression in patients with HIV-HCV co-infection in Spain, 2004-2013

PS5/01 Continuum of Care of the Patients Diagnosed with HIV in Belgium According to Region of Origin

PS5/02 Peer education at infectious diseases units as a mechanism to optimize the left side steps of the HIV treatment cascade

PS5/03 Regional differences in hepatitis testing, vaccination and treatment in the EuroSIDA study

PS5/04 Exploring how Commonly Diagnosing Services Refer Newly Diagnosed Chronic Hepatitis B and C Patients to Specialist Secondary Care: The Views of Hepatologists, Gastroenterologists and Infectious Diseases Specialists in Six EU Countries

PS5/05 Evidence for the Cost-effectiveness of Screening for Chronic Hepatitis B and C among Migrant Populations: Results from a Review of the Literature